Ledpro's PCB assembly facility is especially suitable for temperature sensitive electronic assembly applications.

PCB Assembly & Housing

Ledpro assembles electronic circuits onto PCBs, and also fits them within external product housing.

This completes our suite of services: taking products from concept through design, optimisation and prototype development, through to assembly, and from small scale to mid-scale production, followed by testing and shipment.

Assembly & Production Requirements

Assembly and production is unique to every customers need and Ledpro likes to take a personal approach in discussing customer's assembly/product production requirements.

As part of our service, design and application of products or assemblies will also be considered to ensure product performance criteria can be met prior to production.

Ledpro is happy to work alongside partners that you may already have on board as part of your development and production team.

PCB Assembly

Ledpro has its own in-house PCB assembly facility enabling temperature sensitive electronics, such as those present in LEDs, to be mounted and soldered confidently.

Assembly Housing

Ledpro not only offers PCB assembly, but also final assembly into product housings completing our suite of product development services for our clients.

Ledpro fit PCB assemblies into casings by hand, and the final product can be tested prior to shipment.

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