Commercial LED application developed by Ledpro  Bedfont Lakes, UK

Technology Applications

The sky is simply the limit when it comes to technology applications at Ledpro. We have an excellent track record in electronic, lighting and LED applications.

More recently we have been involved with supporting product developments for the emerging RFID and contactless technology markets.

Product Applications Advice

Ledpro offers a no-obligation advice service enclosed with quote, for all design, development and assembly work relating to your product applications.

Optimise & Expand Product Applications

We also offer proposals on how to either optimise your product for better performance in existing applications, or how to modify a product so as to enhance its use in more advanced or further applications.

LED & Lighting

Ledpro works with lighting designers and suppliers, designing, developing and assembling lighting solutions for corporate, commercial and architectural applications.

PCBS & Electronics

Ledpro works with R&D departments to design and develop PCBs to high specification. We specialise in integrating functionality with electronic design for new product developments, and emerging technologies.

RFID/Contactless Technology

RFID is one example of an emerging technology application. Ledpro is utilising its expertise in electronics and LEDs in developing technologies for the contactless market.


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