Electronic & LED Lighting Technology Partners

Ledpro designs, develops and assembles for a wide variety of applications encompassing LED and electronic based innovations, as well as emerging technologies.

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We have been designing and performing assembly for electronics giants and SMEs for more than three decades. Our diversity in technology applications positions us as your first port of call in product development and technical innovation. Working best when involved from concept stage as partners, we are able to project manage production to an end result.

Ledpro offers a complete in-house service in product development:

  • Optimal 3-D design
  • Product realisation
  • Prototype development
  • In-house assembly

In addition, we have our own well established network of companies with whom we work alongside to deliver solutions to our clients. This includes embedded software, as well as our own designed and in-house developed hardware.

Ledpro provides expert advice in designing, building and modifying circuits to meet product performance objectives, PCB assembly and manufacture, development of prototypes for testing and integration, and final fittings of assemblies into product casings.

Whether you are working with an existing prototype that requires modification/upgrade, are seeking out a partner to innovate your next product development, or else are leading the way in an emerging technology consider talking to Ledpro first.

» Applications

The sky is simply the limit when it comes to applications at Ledpro

Commercial LED application developed by Ledpro  Bedfont Lakes, UK

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» Design

Ledpro offers a complete design service

A Ledpro designed architectural LED   John Lewis, Sloane Square London

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» Assembly

Our PCB assembly facility is especially suitable for temperature sensitive electronic assembly applications.

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